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Ognev Vladimir (bass cantante)

Vladimir is a soloist of the opera. He is a participant of international musical festivals in Japan - (PMF), Ireland - (Wexford), Italy - (Spoleto), Lebanon - (Al Bustan Festival), Germany, Austria, South Korea, Spain and in other countries. His education: a soloist of opera, a conductor, a performer. He is a theatre and cinema actor and director.                                    

His character: cheerful.

He was born in 1967 in Siberia region. He finished musical school (class  piano).


2010 February, 14 Opera УGamblersФ by Shostakovich with London Philharmonik Orchestra. In London.

2009 December 23 Opera by Rossini УThe Italian girl in AlgiersФ Part of Ali. Hermitage theater

2009 December 13, Concert hall of a name of Tchaikovsky. Opera A. Semyonov УFaust in hellФ. Conductor Vladimir Jurovski.

2009 December 2, Uberto - УLA SERVA PADRONAФ Pergolezi. In Easter festival.

2099 November -- Solo concert- Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Barnaul, Petrozavodsk.

2009 June Solo concert, 18 Khabarovsk, 22 Tver

2009 February, March - performances in the "House of Music" in Moscow.

2009 30 January 13 Symphony by Shostakovich. In Yekaterinburg.

2009 14, 15 January role Zuniga in "Carmen" by Bizet. Bolshoy Theater of Russia.

2008 21, 23 Ц November, in Bolshoy Theatre of Russia - Zuniga in "Carmen" by Bizet. Director - David Pountney.

15, 16 July, 2008 - opera "Boris Godunov" in Athenes. with Bolshoy Theatre of Russia. Directed by A.Sakurov. Part Ц (Pristav) Police officer.

2008 on June, 12th - on the stage of Dramas of Theatre of Tyumen - with grandiose success has passed prime-minister Ђ Mozart and Salieri ї by Rimsky-Korsakov, where Ognev - author of idea (Monoopera), director and singer. Parties - Salieri and Mozart - Vladimir Ognev.

2008, April - 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 - in Bolshoy Theatre of Russia, Vladimir successfully plays role Zuniga in "Carmen" by Bizet. Conductor - Jury Temirkanov, director - David Pountney.

From September 2007 - Vladimir Ognev plays perfectly role - Sholom-Ber in premier performance "A black bridle for a white mare" by Jury Sherling on a stage in the Theatre of Satire in Moscow.

2007 - May, 31 - Leporello in "Don Giovanni" by Mozart. In Kazan Opera.

2007 April, 8Salieri and Mozart   "Mozart and Saliery" Rimsky-Korsakov (For the first time in the history of music - as a monoopera, The beginning of new tradition!)

2007 January, 10 - Leporello in "Don Giovanni" by Mozart. In Kazan Opera. (Shalyapin festival). 

2006 December - tours in Siberia, 28th - the big success with "la Serva-Padrona" by  Pergolezi in  Tyumen. In this project Ognev - the singer and director.

 2006 Sept, oct - 24 perf. Leporello - "Don Giovanni" by Mozart. In Holland

2006 August, 27, 29 Leporello - "Don Giovanni" by Mozart. In Kazan Opera. Cond. Marco Boemi. The director David Prins.

2006 July,  11, 12 - "War and Peace" by Prokofiev in Bolshoy Theatre. Cond. Alexander Vedernikov.

2006 June 9, 10 Leporello in "Don Giovanni" by Mozart. In Kazan Opera. Cond. Marco Boemi.

 2006 March, 18 - Il Re "Aida" by Verdi in Novosibirsk Theatre. Cond. Teodor Kurindsis. The director Victor Tchernyakov.

2006 February - 2 performances "The War and Peace" by Prokofiev - in Bolshoy Theatre.

2005 December - 4 performances "The War and Peace" by Prokofiev - in Bolshoy Theatre.

 2005 February, March 9 performances "War and Peace" by Prokofiev -Opera Bastille (National Opera de PARIS).

2004 October, 12-24.  9 performances  "Le nozze di Figaro" Mozart    Part of  Bartolo. (In Holland with Kazan Opera).

2003 - 2 "Falstaf"  (Falstaf)  and 10 performances "Evgeny Onegin" (Gremin). (In France and Spain with Helikon-Opera).

 200238 performances "Le nozze di Figaro" Mozart    Part of  Bartolo. (In Holland with Kazan Opera)

In July 2000 in Monpelie (France) Vladimir played the part of Boris Timofeevich in Dmitriy Shostakovich's opera "Lady Makbet" with the "Helicon" (the conductor Vladimir Ponkin). The opera was a great success. In August in the same year Vladimir played the leading part of A.P. Chekhov's "Bear" in the television feature film "Bear".

 In May 2000 - Vladimir Ognev takes part in a new production of opera Macbeth - Verdi, (parts Banko) in Moscow; the producer is Denis Krief.

 In 1999-2000 Vladimir successfully plays on tour, with the theatre "Helicon" to France - in the theatre "Les Champs-Elysees", - in operas - "Hoffman's tales" - Lindorf and "Carmen" - Zuniga. 

In 1999 on festival in Spoleto (Italy) Ognev remarkably performed a party of old Balkonskiy. (The conductor was Richard Hickox, the producer was Gian Carlo Menotti).  

In 1998 Vladimir performed the part of doctor Bartolo in ,,IL BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA" with great success, which became the best in the soloist's repertoire. (The conductor was Enrike Mazzola). The performance of doctor Bartolo was very exciting and sparkling. So Vladimir was invited as a leader of telecast 'BIS" - TV-6, Moscow, where Vladimir became an unsurpassed master in the genre of political parody and he is very famous among Russian public.

At that time Vladimir recorded CD-disk with a Pianist Mikhail Arkadiev, where Russian music is presented.

Soloist's opera repertoire numbers more than 20 opera parties!

 In 1996 he was a soloist of the 9th symphony in Italy.

In the same year he was invited to Ireland on Wexford festival to perform the main part Peter the Great in Meyerbeer*s opera - L'ETOILE DU NORD (The North Star). The producer is Denis Krief. The 1st tape-recording of this opera was made there by the firm MARCO POLO.

In 1993 on the festival PMF - Pacific Music Festival - Vladimir played on tour round large cities of Japan accompanied by orchestra and conducting by Christoph Eschenbach. He was a soloist of Opening Prayer by L. Bernstein.  

V. Ognev's creating credo is irreproachable and masterly possession of musical styles. His cooperation with conductors Arnold Kats, Sergio La Stella, Enrike Mazzola, Igor Lazanich, Kirill Tikhonov, Vladimir Ponkin, Isidor Zak, Yuri Temirkanov, Pavel Sorokn, Marco Boemi, Alexander Vedernikov, Pavel Bubelnikov, Anatoly Rybalko, Teodor Kurindsis, Igor Novikov, Vladimir Jurovski continues. He plays on tour constantly.  

In 1992 Vladimir took part in creating of synthetical theatre. It is the 1st theatre in history, which has both dramas and operas. By the way the soloist of opera plays the dramatic roles brilliantly! In the same year Vladimir won his prize as dramatic actor. He was awarded with the Grand Prix of the "Bolshaya Medveditza" (The Great Bear) theatre festival as the leading man in the staging of Anton Chekhov's Bear. 

In 1994 Ognev entered vocal faculty in the Novosibirsk conservatory. When he was only a second-year student he was invited for main parties by the best Russian opera-houses (Moscow, Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Volgograd and other towns).  

In 1986 he graduated from the Novosibirsk college (class choral conduction and vocal). At that time Vladimir created a unique youth choral collective, which became a laureate of many contests!

He plays on tour.

E-mail: ognew@narod.ru

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